Advantages buying web hosting in a London data centre


Buying web hosting can be tedious because of the amount of hosting providers to choose from. We will go through the reasons why your next hosting provider should have servers based in a London data centre.

Thanks to technology a physical address for businesses are not as important as it used to be. We can access data nearly anywhere in the world, but doing so means you need a reliable provider with minimal downtime.

What makes a good data centre

Location will undoubtedly be the first on the list along with plenty of storage space for servers, good travel links to get to and from the data centre and businesses requiring access for maintenance and upgrades.

Colocation services provide businesses to retain ownership of all their hardware and software, therefore it is important to have good transport links to and from the data centre.

Datacentre providers need to take into account is energy consumption. Research shows datacentres are used 140 billion kilowatt-hours in 2020, or over 50 power plants to keep them up and running! Many datacentres are looking into green energy and renewable resources like solar, wind and tidal power as alternatives to sustain operations and bring down costs, making it more economical.

How do data centre hotspots compare around the UK

The UK is a thriving area for data centres thanks to the fact it is a major digital and technology hub. The demand for data centres in the UK is high.

London – The capital of the UK which forms part of the Golden Triangle, leads the country as the most popular data centre location in the UK. There are a total of 71 data centres in the city which is the highest in the UK. There are many reasons for providers setting up data centres in London, with its proximity to digital businesses and excellent transport links being two of the main drivers of demand.

Manchester - This city has become something of a technology hub and data centre providers have definitely noted its potential. Manchester is becoming a viable option for data centre operators to set up their businesses, boosted by the government’s Tech North start-up initiative in the city.

Top 10 locations around the world:

  1. London
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Washington DC
  5. Paris
  6. San Francisco Bay Area
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Sydney
  9. Dallas
  10. Chicago

In comparison the United States is by far the largest data centre market due to it's population, but the fact that London leads the way and has a well-represented European population is encouraging, paving the way for cities like Manchester to follow in its footsteps.

Data centre location

Location of where your website is stored can have an impact on loading times, London's location is great for anyone living anywhere within the EU.

Web hosting customers that have a website in a London location but live outside the EU may want to add Cloudflare, to cache their website and speed up loading times, regardless where you live around the world.

The UK remains one of the largest data centre markets with the 2017 Colocation Report stating that the country is becoming the go-to location for data centres in Europe. But Brexit may start to strongly influence the decisions of investors to look outside of the UK towards places like Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt.

Telehouse Data Centre

Telehouse has been operating data centres in the UK since 1990 when it opened Telehouse North as Europe’s first purpose built data centre in London Docklands. Since then Telehouse has shaped the landscape of the UK data centre market as a key industry player by becoming the primary home of the London Internet Exchange in 1994 making it to one of the world’s most important internet hubs.

Telehouse operates 4 carrier neutral data centres in the UK, all based in London, hosting mission critical systems for a variety of industries including finance, IT and hosting, media and gaming and telecommunications companies.

With the recent launch of Telehouse North Two, one of the most advanced data centres in Europe, Telehouse is now able to provide end-to-end ICT solutions including managed services, integrated communications services, virtualisation services, content management and system security services as well as disaster recovery services on the same site.

What can I expect from a London based hosting provider

Choosing a London based hosting provider can provide you maximum uptimes so your website doesn't go offline regularly. London data centres also come with increased security and monitoring so the data stored on the hosting providers servers are safe.


If you live in the UK or Europe, looking for a reliable web hosting or colocation solutions in London is the recommended choice.

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