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How much disk space do you need to host your website?

disk space

Picking out a web hosting provider involves many steps. Namely, it is not just about finding a company that you like and sticking with that company. There are a few more factors you need to consider before really taking the plunge and committing to one provider.

Published by: Stefanija K
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How to market your business for free online

free marketing

If you've got a new online business or you are looking to get more visitors coming to your website, we've listed below several ways to do this without spending any money online.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to keep your website secure from hackers & phishing attacks

secure website hackers phishing attacks

Your site is valuable to you and your site visitors but sadly websites are attacked regardless of website content, we'll show you how to secure your website.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to install, setup & configure your messaging app

install setup configure messaging app

In this guide we are going to show you how to install, setup and configure your messaging app so you can start monitoring and chatting to the visitors on your website.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Start an online store: Step-by-step guide

Start online store

Do you want to open your online store, but lack the budget to buy professional web developers? Well, you don't have to worry about anything. In this guide, I've described everything in detail, especially for beginners who want to create an e-shop in WordPress.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Windows 11: Features, Requirements & Installation

Windows 11 features requirements installation

The new Windows 11 features improve security, productivity, and the overall experience. The operating system will be released on October 5th, 2021 and is the next generation of Windows with new features and improvements aimed at security, productivity, and innovation across the entire experience.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that can create sites and blogs, and it's free software. About a quarter of the world's websites are said to be built with WordPress, making it a solid foundation to start creating your own website.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Directadmin features & advantages vs cPanel

DirectAdmin Features

DirectAdmin is a reliable and powerful web-based graphical control panel designed for managing web hosting tasks. Some of the features include managing domains and mail accounts, a simple file manager, SSL certificate installer, use Perl modules, monitor server information, configure cron jobs, Mime types, Apache handlers and more with the easy to use DirectAdmin control panel.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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A beginners guide to web hosting

beginners guide web hosting

Hosting is fast becoming the most popular solution for companies and personal sites to have an online presence. It is considered to be one of the main components of the Internet and without hosting a large number of sites would not exist on it, such as Amazon or Facebook.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Advantages buying web hosting in a London data centre

london datacenter

Buying web hosting can be tedious because of the amount of hosting providers to choose from. We will go through the reasons why your next hosting provider should have servers based in a London data centre.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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20 Online business ideas you can start today

Online business ideas

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration and wanting to start up your own online business we have put together 20 ideas to get you motivated, these range from digital products to starting your own YouTube channel.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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The future of web design jobs

future of web design

he recent coronavirus has taught us two things about the future of work. The first is that the world can, in fact, work remotely, and the majority of jobs will most likely become remote. As the working world goes remote, the reliance upon the tech that powers remote-based companies will increase exponentially. This reliance upon tech leads us to the second lesson learned though Covid-19, and this is simply that the future of work is most definitely inside the industry.

Published by: Maria Elena Gonzalez
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Learn web design, how to code and choosing a content management system

Learn web design

Over the last 20 years web design has come a long way, we have needed to adapt with changes from search engines such as Google's algorithms and recent changes to include responsive websites or SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. In this blog we are going to be learning where to begin in terms of design, where to learn coding and testing out some of the examples from external websites and also content management systems you can use if you don't want to fully code the website yourself, although we will show other alternative options. If you are new to web design this is a great starting block for you to learn from the beginning.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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16 Most essential web hosting requirements

web hosting requirements

If you are new to the world of web hosting it can be confusing with all the technical jargon, we will break it down into an easy step by step guide so you know what to ask before you take out any plan.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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6 Advantages using the WordPress content management system


If you are thinking of using a content management system or even just a website builder but you are unsure which to use, you've come to the right place! We all know WordPress is the most popular CMS out there but what makes it so appealing and how does it benefit you in the long run?

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Affordable strategy to start selling web hosting

web hosting business

Here is our useful guide if you are considering selling web hosting to potential customers, we will talk about a range of solutions depending on your budget to get you up and running including preferred hosting types to getting your first customer.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to setup and sync email on all devices using Directadmin

sync email

If you're wanting to synchronise email we've created this blog just for you! Synchronising email is great to get to email regularly without having to manually login to your email all the time, it comes through automatically.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to Install, configure & commands for CSF SSH CentOS

Install configure commands CSF firewall SSH CentOS

If you're fairly new at using CSF (Config Server Firewall) or even if you are not, its useful to have all the commands at hand to use should you need to make any changes.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to get a free domain after ordering your web hosting

free domain

Getting online can be quite daunting when its comes to buying a domain along with web hosting, which is why we've started offering a free domain to help keep your costs down for the first year. We have a wide range of domains which you can view on our domains page, terms and conditions do apply which we'll outline within the blog.

Published by: Web Hosting UK
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What are the common web design mistakes and how do you solve them

web design errors

How many websites have you visited in your life so far? And how many of them have been perfect? Unless you’ve happened to stumble upon some magical website at the end of a digital rainbow, the answer is surely going to be none. Your website is never going to be perfect — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to strive for perfection.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Which web hosting control panel is best and most affordable?

web hosting control panel

With all the different control panels to choose from it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits you, this guide will show you the pros, cons and pricing for some of the hosting panels we've chosen.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to choose a web designer and what to look for

choosing web designer

Over the past 20 years web design has constantly changed so website owners have needed to keep their website up to date with the latest trends. Choosing the type of website you want is a big decision so it's best to draft out your website before passing it onto a web designer.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to setup your website with the DirectAdmin control panel

directadmin control panel

In this guide we are going to show you to how setup your website with our Directadmin control panel. It may sound complicated already but we've made it much easier by breaking it down into a step-by step process, lets begin.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Create your ecommerce website using WordPress & Woocommerce

create ecommerce website wordpress woocommerce

Choosing the right content management system for your Ecommerce website can leave you confused, but in this guide we'll show you how to setup you own WordPress website with Woocommerce to sell your goods or services online.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Make your website rank higher in Google & other search engines

increase website ranking

In this guide we are going to go through all the ways you can improve your website and potentially get it ranking higher on search engines such as Google. We've listed the most important factors when optimising your website below with an easy to use guide.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to Install WordPress with Softaculous One Click Installer

WordPress Softaculous

In this blog we are going to show you how to easily install WordPress on our hosting platform. They is various different ways to install, we'll give you fastest and most used methods to save time (and frustration!). WordPress is undoubtedly the most used content management system for users to easily manage, update and edit their own content easily. The WordPress CMS is also free and open source so you'll only need to pay for your hosting provider, and best of all it comes with 1000's of free themes plugins to integrate into your website.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to start a blogging website using WordPress content management system

WordPress blogging

Starting a blogging website can be confusing especially if you don't know where to start, but in this blog we'll tell you step by step to get you online in no time.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Get a free SSL certificate to encrypt your website

Free SSL

We all know having an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate installed on your domain helps protect users coming to your website. An SSL certificate would be required if users are coming onto your website and ordering goods or services from you to protect both their identity and payment information.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to fix PLCZIP ERR MISSING FILE (-4) WordPress temp folder

WordPress temp folder

Recently we came across an error where they wasn't much information in regards to fixing the dreaded PLCZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (-4) error. They isn't much information for this error so we decided to write this guide to help you if you come across this error or you are currently having problems.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to install cPanel on CentOS server

install cPanel

In this guide we are going to show you how to successfully install cPanel on a CentOS server. We recommend using the latest version of CentOS 7 which you can find with any major VPS or dedicated hosting hosting provider. Make sure you check out the requirements section first below so you know what your VPS / dedicated server supports.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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30 Free UK business listing directories to help with your website citations

UK business listing directories

In this blog we'll show you 30+ FREE UK Business Listing Directories where you can add your business and potentially get more customers and traffic coming to your site. Google also ranks websites according to the amount of links incoming and outgoing from their website so they is no better place to begin than the list of websites we have compiled below.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to optimise your WordPress website for faster loading

optimise WordPress website

Everyone knows that a slow site can damage your reputation if it's slow to load. We hope this guide will show you several ways to increase your speed and make your WordPress website faster. The steps listed below generally increase your website speed from 50%-80% and you'll definately notice the difference.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to to change forgotten, locked out or hacked WordPress site password

Change WordPress password

We will show you how to change your WordPress password whether you have lost it or wanting to change. We will show in the guide how to change your password from your WordPress dashboard, from a Softaculous installation and from PhpMyAdmin.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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Choosing the right web hosting for your blog

Blog web hosting

Choosing the right Web Hosting is very important for a reliable service. We have several different hosting packages to choose from which can be slightly confusing if you don't know what you are looking for, but don’t worry, We are here to help.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to choose a web hosting provider for your business

How to choose a web hosting provider for your business

Here at Web Hosting UK, buying Web Hosting with us using our integrated shopping cart is simple. We have a number of choices that we’ll help you with along the way to help your website stand out from the crowd.

Published by: Adrian Smith
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How to buy a domain name & which extension to choose for your business or blog

Buying a domain name

There are so many web hosting companies out there selling hosting to businesses, bloggers and personal site owners it can become overwhelming which to choose. We've created an in depth guide breaking down each section to make it easier for you to choose the next web hosting plan for your business.

Published by: Adrian Smith