DirectAdmin Features & Advantages Vs Cpanel

DirectAdmin dashboard

DirectAdmin is a reliable and powerful web-based graphical control panel designed for managing web hosting tasks. Some of the features include managing domains and mail accounts, a simple file manager, SSL certificate installer, use Perl modules, monitor server information, configure cron jobs, Mime types, Apache handlers and more with the easy to use DirectAdmin control panel.

The web hosting environment is constantly evolving but DirectAdmin addresses the most complex solutions of today. Global trends and customer feature requirements are constantly analysed and ideas are implemented. DirectAdmin takes pride in stability, security, and rapid implementation of new technologies. DirectAdmin has been in continuous development since 2003.

DirectAdmin provides three levels of access: administrator level, resource level, and user level.

Typically, web hosting customers have access to User Features only, reseller customers have access to Reseller Features and User Features, and administrators have access to all three levels.

DirectAdmin for administrators

DirectAdmin for resellers

DirectAdmin for hosting users (end users)

Like the payment control panel and license application, DirectAdmin is one of the best options you will find. You need a paid control panel (which most hosting companies do) because a free control panel does not provide the security and features you need for most purposes.

This is one of the easiest control panels to use with access to email, administration options, file managers and much more. When you log in, everything is displayed on a single screen. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for in your administrative area.

DirectAdmin general features

  1. Integrated ticket support system - With DirectAdmins integrated ticket support system, you can provide the best customer services without any issues, you can also configure DirectAdmin with email support requests so you don’t lose them. If you need support assistance in any other way, please turn off this feature.
  2. Authentication - All DirectAdmin accounts can request two-Factor authentication using the smartphone apps long-term code.
  3. Plugin system - The DirectAdmin system can be easily delayed. Plugins support the Administrator, Client and User levels.
  4. Live update - Administrators can click the License / Update button to see the status of their licenses and status. No need to manually remove, uninstall and install, DirectAdmin automatically performs updates.
  5. All customisation - DirectAdmin is designed to fit your business. You can modify all aspects of the DirectAdmin link and can import new designs from the Skin list.
  6. Automatic recovery from a crash - DirectAdmin Task Queue ensures that all services are up and running at all times. If something crashes, DirectAdmin will restart the service and try to fix the problem. If this is not achieved, DirectAdmin will immediately notify the administrator by e-mail.
  7. All licenses are unlimited-domain licenses - There are no limits to the number of domains or user accounts that DirectAdmin can host when you buy their standard plan.

How does DirectAdmin compare to cPanel

The best control panel on the market has recently become DirectAdmin control panel because of affordability and ease of use.

DirectAdmin and cPanel are very similar, yet very different. They both provide a server configuration framework and UI.

DirectAdmin gives you multiple menu options and comparing DirectAdmin and cPanel, DirectAdmin has become the best option.

This battle between these two have been discussed by many on forums, cPanel and DirectAdmin are good options but DirectAdmin is good for beginners and offers more customisation to advanced users.

Our DirectAdmin web hosting includes everything you need to get setup and going, check out all the features above and the option to test out the control panel before you buy!