3 Ways to change your WordPress password if you're locked out

WordPress dashboard

This simple guide will show you how to change your WordPress password whether you have lost it or wanting to change. We will show in the guide how to change your password from your WordPress dashboard, from a Softaculous installation and from phpMyAdmin.

Changing WordPress password from dashboard

The easiest way of changing your password is from the WordPress dashboard, for this you'll need to first login but if you don't know your password or you have forgotten it proceed to step 2 if you installed WordPress using Softaculous, skip to step 3 if you didn't install WordPress using Softaculous and want to change it using phpMyAdmin.

  • Login to your account (usually yourdomain.com/wp-admin).
  • In the back end of your website you should be now on your dashboard. You need to look down the left hand side and click on the users tab.
  • Within the users area click on the username to change that users password.
  • Scroll down to to account management.
  • Next to new password click on generate password to get your new password.
  • Click update profile to save your new details.

  • Changing WordPress password from Softaculous

  • Log into your DirectAdmin control panel
  • Click on the Softaculous applications installer which is located under the extras tab.
  • Click the all installations icon in the top right.
  • Click on edit WordPress installation.
  • Under admin account enter your new username and/or password.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click "save installation details" to update your password.

  • How to change WordPress password in PhpMyAdmin

    Knowing how to change your password in PhpMyAdmin is the most important just in case your WordPress installation is hacked, if you are not able to reset using the other guides above then this way is very useful.

    All WordPress databases use a MySQL/MariaDB databases which can be accessed through your phpMyAdmin, even if you are not using DirectAdmin or cPanel hosting. Follow the following steps to reset your WordPress password.

  • Login to your DirectAdmin or cPanel account.
  • Locate phpMyAdmin.
  • Find your WordPress installation on the left-hand side.
  • Expand Your installation and look for field _users.
  • Click on edit.
  • In the password area on the user_pass column this is currently encrypted so you will need to make a new password that is encrypted using MD5 hash.
  • Copy and paste your new encrypted code and save, your new password is now changed.

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