How to get a free domain after you've ordered your web hosting

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Getting online can be quite daunting when its comes to buying a domain along with web hosting, which is why we've started offering a free domain to help keep your costs down for the first year. We have a wide range of domains which you can view on our domains page, terms and conditions do apply which we'll outline below.

How do I get my free domain?

To get your free domain simply follow the process below.

  • Follow the step by step signup process and complete your order
  • Hosting must be ordered yearly to qualify
  • Once completed contact us and we'll credit your account with the domain cost.
  • Domains offer is only valid for the 1st year only.
  • Offer is only available for, .uk, .com and .eu domains.
  • This offer will be terminated along with your hosting account if you abuse our server, read our terms and conditions for more information.

    Which domain extension can I choose with your offer?

    We allow you to choose the following domain extensions:

  • .uk
  • .com
  • .eu
  • A full list can be found on our domains page.

    Why choose Web Hosting UK?

    We have been providing reliable and affordable domains, web hosting and design since 2012. Our passion and reviews show that we put our customers first by giving them the tools they need to succeed online.

    Do you also provide free hosting?

    We only provide free hosting for the first year with our web design and ecommerce packages to keep the cost down for the customer. If you are wanting to create your own website you can contact us using our live chat to see the latest offers and discounts available to new and existing customers.

    Does your 50% off hosting include a free domain?

    Our 50% off hosting offer does not include a free domain, you can use the 50% off offer by using code 50OFF at checkout or by clicking this link. Offer is valid for the first year only and excludes domains, should you also need a domain you can order one separately.

    Do I need a domain to host my website?

    In simple terms, yes. Users need to connect to your website to view it, without a domain it would not be connected to the internet. If domains did not exist we would need to connect using a series of numbers, which would make it more confusing trying to connect to the right site!