Managed Web Hosting

We provide Managed Web Hosting solutions for our clients ensuring their website is always running at its best. We provide the latest updates and fix any errors should your website go offline, giving you more time to enjoy your day.

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tick Fully Managed Hosting of website
tick Weekly backups
tick 3 Hours of website updates/edits
tick Fix errors should your Website go down
tick Update WordPress software, themes and plugins.





We provide constant monitoring of your website as we get automated e-mails should they be any problems with your website leaving you to get on with your day.

We also manage the security of your website to prevent any brute force hackers trying to access your website. We run on a no-contract basis, month-to-month terms and the option to customize your package if you want to do so. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this option.

Types Of Managed Hosting
The question ‘What is managed hosting?’ can come in many different forms from server management to website management, all of which we can provide for our customers.

Managed Hosting can be used for server management or for the hosting company to look after and maintain your website or we can do both, chat to us today via live chat for more information.
Every website and server owners main priority should be security, without this you are vulnerable to attacks and potentially losing all your data. We help prevent this by providing server hardening and website security methods to keep brute force hackers away for good.

We will also do potential virus scanning, spam filtering, firewall configuration and operating system updates in addition to standard physical data centre security measures. Security is important on any computer system/network, but it is especially important when dealing with personal or business critical data and information.
Website Monitoring
We will monitor your website or server for any possible downtime and if so will quickly fix any potential issues should it happen. We will also scan your website/server for any irregularities or potential failures and rectify potential issues which may cause disruption or downtime.
Should anything go wrong or you need to restore to an earlier point we use backups to save your data from any disaster should it happen. A company losing data can be costly in every sense of the word; it can cause a loss of money, time and customer trust. For these reasons, it is vital that all critical or personal information is backed up and stored securely.
Maintenance & Security Updates
We carry out regular maintenance and security updates as a precaution, preventing potential hackers finding any security vulnerabilities to gain access to your website/server.
Reduced Cost Of Operation
The hardware and expertise required to manage hosting in-house can be very costly; with many businesses, the cost outweighs the benefits. Managed hosting can be a more cost effective IT solution without having to compromise on suitability or control.
Managed Hosting is a flexible solution – not a one size fits all service – and providers can work with customers to achieve a solution tailored to suit the budget and individual requirements of their business. What’s more, when those requirements change, managed hosting providers can react in good time to ensure that the hosting platform continues to meet those demands.
We are around 24/7 should you need us by contacting us in several ways including phone 8am - 5pm, e-mail or by support ticket, we are happy to give advice or make any changes needed.
We offer a monthly rolling contract so you aren't tied in and allows you to cancel at any time. You can also pay semi-annually or annually giving you more flexibility.


Unsure if this plan is right for you or you need a custom package? Chat with us online and we'll provide you with a no obligation quote.