As of September 2019 we decided due to the pricing structure change within cPanel we was no longer able to offer affordable web hosting to our customers, we came to the conclusion after providing a survey to our customers the best alternative was to use the DirectAdmin control panel.

cPanel Vs DirectAdmin

Another reason why we moved to DirectAdmin is because it offers nearly all of the same features as cPanel. The dashboard is simple to use and friendly which allows you to easily navigate around and manage your account, a full list of features as a licence owner includes

Account Management
  • Manage all users - create, suspend and terminate users
  • Change passwords
  • Create users
  • Create resellers
  • Create user packages
  • Create reseller packages
  • List users
  • List Resellers

Server Manager
  • Administrator settings
  • Custom HTTPD configurations
  • DNS administration
  • IP management
  • Multi server setup
  • PHP configuration
  • SSH keys

Admin tools
  • Admin backup/transfer
  • Brute force monitor
  • Process monitor
  • Mail queue administration
  • Service monitor
  • System backup
  • Customise skin

System info and files
  • Cron jobs
  • File manager
  • File editor
  • System information
  • Complete usage statistics

Extra features
  • Webmail
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • Plugin manager
  • Custombuild 2.0

Support and help
  • Help
  • Manage tickets
  • Licencing / updates

If you're looking for a great alternative that's reliable and affordable check out our DirectAdmin Web Hosting by clicking here.