Buying a domain name

Buying a domain name is a simple process that requires what name you are going to use for example 123blog and the type of extension you are wanting to use such as .com or .org. This also shows other people what type of website it is example .org is an organisation and .biz is a business.

How long can I buy a domain

The minimum term you can have a domain is 1 year and a max of 10 years depending on the domain provider. Your domain payment needs to be renewed before the end of the term or you lose your domain. Most registrars have a setting which allows you to automatically renew your domain before it expires should you forget to remember the renew date, it automatically renews for you saving time and potentially a big headache!

Do I need a domain to buy a website

Some providers offer a sub domain with them the chance to practice creating your website before you buy a domain. Although buying your own domain for a business looks more professional. It also enables you to be found more easily on the web.

How many characters are allowed in a domain name

Domain providers allow a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of sixty seven (67).

Getting it right first time

Make sure when ordering your domain that you spell it correctly as an order with a domain registrar is non-refundable. If you've accidentally bought a domain which is spelt incorrectly you will still own that domain for the amount of years you've bought it and will still own it until it expires.

If you are looking for an affordable domain check out our domains page.